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These lectures provide more detailed information about the principles of convection.
Core: Smaller pipes to nearby fixtures. Requires thoughtful design of plumbing fixtures. Saves hot water with smaller, shorter pipes.
This video describes how to encourage daylighting design in buildings to save on energy costs associated with overhead lighting.
Level 3 educational material on decision guidance for Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH). This content includes information on addressing HPWH condensate and routing options. Additionally, it includes table and examples on how to determine a household hot water usage, in order to best determine HPWH...
Problem Set 3.1: Which of the following is true about condensate from HPWHs? It is highly acidic. It forms from the moisture in the air. Only a certified contractor can handle it. It will naturally evaporate so you do not need to worry about drainage. True or False: HPWH condensate drainage blockage...
Problem Set 2.1: What is the recommended size room for proper installation of a HPWH? List three common rooms in a typical home that would be a suitable location to install a HPWH. Problem Set 2.2: What operating mode typically ensures the most efficient operation for the HPWH? Why is it recommended...

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