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Combustion Safety - Problem Set 4.1

  1. Answer the following questions about remediation:

    1. When can remediation be implemented in the process of evaluating combustion safety?

    2. In the event of combustion safety failure at test-in or test-out, under which circumstance can remediation measures be implemented before needing to contact a trained HVAC technician?

      1. During failure due to appliance combustion.

      2. During failure due to ambient CO levels.

      3. During failure due to long spillage time.

  2. For a home that has three combustion appliances on the same floor with input ratings of 75,000 Btu/hour, 50,000 Btu/hour, and 35,000 Btu/hour, installed across two adjoining rooms, if louvers are to be installed in the connecting door, how large in square feet should the net free area of the openings in the door be?

  3. Choose one of the sample options in section 7.5 of the “Guidance for Combustion Safety using Indoor Air,” and explain how you would use that option to perform remediation on a residence in your local area.