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Workforce Training Recognition

To support the development of a robust building systems workforce, the Department of Energy recognizes training and certification programs that are aligned with DOE goals. These DOE-recognized programs cover key occupations and knowledge areas relevant to DOE’s mission. Organizations that provide training and/or credentials related to these job types can Submit for Recognition.

Recognition from DOE allows certification programs to align with DOE's clean energy transition work and distinguish themselves as leaders who are preparing workers for meaningful and in-demand job opportunities.  Recognition also allows certification programs to be approved as eligible within applications for Training for Residential Energy Contractors (TREC), through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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Find the steps for submitting certifications and/or programs for DOE recognition. Material submissions are self-scored by their organizations using a scoring tool provided in the link, which is then reviewed by DOE.

Explore the scoring criteria for heat pump installation and heat pump comfort advising. Find links to relevant open-source material and learn about DOE-recognized heat pump certifications and programs.

Find the list of scoring criteria related to quality heat pump water heater installation. Find relevant open-source material and DOE-recognized heat pump water heater certifications and programs.

Explore the scoring criteria for home energy audits. Find links to relevant open-source material and learn about DOE-recognized energy audit certifications and programs.

Hear the stories of the Building Science Education resources in action! See how organizations and certifications are using our resources to prepare the workforce to create high quality buildings.

Envelope Retrofit Program

Coming Soon. Review the scoring criteria and training content for residential building envelope improvements.  Find links to relevant open-source resources and learn about building envelope certifications, programs and curricula.