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Combustion Safety - Problem Set 3.3

  1. When assessing a combustion appliance for spillage, how long should the main burner be in operation before making the assessment?

    1. 3 minutes

    2. 5 minutes

    3. 10 minutes

    4. 15 minutes

  2. Which of the following does not apply to the screening protocol used to assess combustion appliances that use indoor air?

    1. Any upgrades to be made must be less costly compared to alternative methods, e.g., replacement with power-vented or direct vent appliances.

    2. Upgrades must be compatible within the elements, structure, and conditions of the building.

    3. The methods must be applicable for the types of combustion appliances that are being used in the house.

    4. If combustion appliances are older than 20 years, they must be replaced with newer models.