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Identify and explain the role of 3 building-related stakeholders that are affected in a natural disaster.
A look into how to make a sales pitch to customers who may be interested in the purchase of a heat pump HVAC system. This lecture describes how to build initial rapport, and how to promote your companies expertise. The seller then scopes out the needs of the customer. From this information the...
1. True/False: A salesperson must remain consistent to his/her communication style, without taking into consideration the customer’s communication style. 2. True/False: Talking about the company’s expertise and experience regarding heat pump installations might be harmful for closing the sale.
1. As a technical expert in heat pump technology, you should have a ‘Design Questionnaire’ to go over with the customer. What is the purpose of the ‘Design Questionnaire?’ a. Assess if the building is appropriate for such a system, where to place the system, the size of the system, and an estimate...
1. The installation of a heat pump has both economic and environmental benefits. A heat pump reduces the amount of energy use and therefore energy costs. Also, switching from gas-powered heating to electricity-powered systems will avoid air pollution from burning natural gas.

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