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Building Science Education

Building Science Education (BSE) Solution Center provides curated and free-to-use training materials on the fundamentals of building science. 

Building science is the study of how buildings are designed, maintained and built or retrofit as a system of components that interact with each other and the outdoor environment. A fundamental understanding of building science and its applications in the workforce helps makes more comfortable, resilient, and efficient buildings a reality.

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Find educational resources on many building science topics, including high performance heat pumps, efficient windows, and disaster resilience. Training modules consist of lecture notes, presentations, problem sets, videos, and references.

Explore collections of building science training materials that have been tailored to specific job types. These materials, free to use and download, currently target HVAC professionals, with more job types to come.

Find basic, entry-level content for training programs in the Energy Basics Training Tool. These resources have been developed in partnership with industry and are intended to provide supplemental information to existing courses.

Learn about certifications and programs that cover key decarbonization topics. Find an existing recognized program or submit your own program for recognition.

View the Contributors and Collaborators to learn about people and organizations that have helped create Building Science Education training material and those that have incorporated Building Science Education into their training and certification programs.