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HVAC - Business Development

Training module that provides HVAC contractors with information on how to improve their profits and grow their business by highlighting the use of heat pumps. It includes customer benefits to increase sales, sales presentation details, and market trends showing the upcoming need to center your product line with heat pumps. Additionally, it provides additional resources and links to make design, selection, and installation easy.



  1. Understand

    • Understand how to communicate the benefits of ASHP’s to customers
    • Understand the market trends for heat pumps and the benefits of switching to heat pumps in existing homes
    • Understand the business case for ASHP installation services
  2. Apply

    • Know how to build rapport with a customer.
    • Know how to prepare a design questionnaire and perform a building walkthrough.
    • Talk through the benefits of an ASHP and provide an economic analysis for the customer’s investment.
    • Know how to close the deal.

Teaching Materials