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Water-Resistant Material (Water-Managed Foundation)


Water threats can come in the form of rain/stormwater runoff, groundwater intrusion, movement of moist air, water vapor movement, or bulk water leaks from inside the basement (e.g., plumbing leaks).


Water management is critical in addressing overall foundation durability and creating healthy basement conditions. Mold and insect/pest issues, decreased IAQ, etc. can result from water damage. Using water-resistant materials around the foundation and basement is part of a comprehensive set of measures that minimize the risk of water damage to these areas.


Insulating basement walls without properly addressing moisture management can mask future problems, so before installing insulation, use a vapor barrier under slabs and on crawlspace floors, and damp-proof the exterior of foundation walls. Before insulating the basement, be sure to evaluate these additional critical matters:

  • Combustion and appliance safety
  • Radon and carbon monoxide safety
  • Insect/pest considerations