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Curated Programs Plumber (HPWH Installation Specialty Only)

For Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) installers, whose role includes providing system design and installation of HPWHs. The curriculum begins with a general overview of heat pump water heater technology including customer experiences and the differences between HPWH and conventional gas/oil water heaters. Decision guidance covers determining the ideal HPWH installation location, and size of HPWH to meet the residences needs. Next, the curriculum covers the Installation process for HPWH. Lastly, the HPWH installer will know about the benefits of smart grid interactions and be able to install devices that enable them.

This curriculum is recommended for Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters, US Department of Labor SOC 47-2152.00, and supports the Heat Pump Water Heater Installation Recognition Program.

Heat Pump Water Heater - Introduction

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Heat Pump Water Heater - Load Shifting


  • What is a CTA-2045 communication device and how is it used for grid flexibility?
  • Understand how to install a CTA-2045 device onto a heat pump water heater and connect it to a Wi-Fi network
  • Understand how the operation of a heat pump water heater can be managed using a CTA-2045 device and how heat pump water heaters are used within utility demand response programs
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Heat Pump Water Heater - Decision Guidance


  • Remember the key installation challenges that must be considered when installing a HPWH, including:
    • Space considerations, such as room temperature and clearance space
    • Installation requirements for electrical, plumbing connections, and condensate drainage
  • Describe current or new technological developments for heat pump water heaters
    • 120V/15A Models
    • Grid interaction
    • Cold Climate HPWHs (Split-Type)


  • Apply condensate and routing options
  • Size HPWHs for specific household’s needs
  • Apply other installation guidance topics, including:
    • How recirculation pumps work and whether they should be installed in HPWH
    • Back draft safety for cases where a gas furnace and a HPWH are in the same room
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Heat Pump Water Heater - Installation