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Heat Pump Water Heater - Decision Guidance

Guidance and information on how to select the ideal Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) unit that best meets the needs of a residence. In this module, factors such as the installations space and requirements for different models and sizes of HPWH units is considered and explained. Additionally, instructions and examples on how to determine the daily hot water usage for a residence is given in order to determine HPWH tank size and first hour rating specifications that best meets the needs of the residence. 



  1. Remember

    • Remember the key installation challenges that must be considered when installing a HPWH, including:
      • Space considerations, such as room temperature and clearance space
      • Installation requirements for electrical, plumbing connections, and condensate drainage
    • Describe current or new technological developments for heat pump water heaters
      • 120V/15A Models
      • Grid interaction
      • Cold Climate HPWHs (Split-Type)
  2. Apply

    • Apply condensate and routing options
    • Size HPWHs for specific household’s needs
    • Apply other installation guidance topics, including:
      • How recirculation pumps work and whether they should be installed in HPWH
      • Back draft safety for cases where a gas furnace and a HPWH are in the same room

Teaching Materials