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Heat Pump Water Heater - Load Shifting

Information on the concept of load shifting for Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH), and the communication devices/connection ports that enable this feature. Devices that comply to the communications technology association (CTA)-2045 standard can be used during load shifting times, allowing for appliances to be controlled by utility provides to reduce stress on the power grid. This module talks about what a residence needs to do in order to enable the feature and what benefits come from it. 



  1. Apply

    • What is a CTA-2045 communication device and how is it used for grid flexibility?
    • Understand how to install a CTA-2045 device onto a heat pump water heater and connect it to a Wi-Fi network
    • Understand how the operation of a heat pump water heater can be managed using a CTA-2045 device and how heat pump water heaters are used within utility demand response programs

Teaching Materials