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Building Basics
Sprinkler System Installed: Sprinkler Irrigation


Sprinkler irrigation refers to types of irrigation that use sprinklers to distribute needed water by converting water pressure to high-velocity discharge streams. This type of irrigation can be utilized to distribute water evenly over uniformly planted areas of turfgrass.


A solid irrigation strategy means:

  • Avoiding wasting thousands of gallons of water each year
  • Money saved on water bills

An irrigation system installer should:

  • Match precipitation nozzles on all sprinkler heads
  • Install sprinkler heads with a 4-inch or greater pop-up height
  • Know where to use micro-irrigation and use water-saving landscaping methods
  • Make certain that sprinkler head spacing is consistent, flow rates are based on coverage, and pipes deliver water at a uniform pressure to each unit
  • Comply with EPA’s WaterSense program requirements