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Gas Storage Water Heaters


According to the Energy Information Administration, water heaters can take up 19% to 32% of a homeowner’s utility bill. To reduce the amount of energy needed for water heating, a high-efficiency natural gas or propane water heater can be installed. 


High-efficiency gas water heaters minimize wasted energy producing hot water. This means plenty of hot water—at lower cost. 


High-efficiency models tend to have better insulation and heat traps, as well as more efficient burners. A sealed-combustion, direct-vented gas storage system that draws its combustion air from outside and pushes exhaust flue gases outside is recommended. With a sealed combustion chamber and separate air intake, it is almost impossible for these types of water heaters to backdraft harmful flue gases back into the house. A high-efficiency power-vented gas hot water heater also can be used to avoid backdrafting.