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Whole Building Design Guide - Design Objectives - Secure/Safe

The design and construction of secure and safe buildings (minimal danger or risk of harm) continues to be the primary goal for owners, architectsengineers, project managers, and other stakeholders. In addition to those listed, other stakeholders include: construction managers, developers, facilities managers, code officials, fire marshals, building inspectors, city/county/state officials, emergency managers, law enforcement agencies, lenders, insurers, and product manufacturers. Risk assessment is the activity that estimates potential building and infrastructure losses from earthquakes, riverine and coastal floods, hurricane winds, and other hazards. Realizing this goal is often a challenge due to funding limitations, resistance from the occupants due to impacts on operations, productivity and accessibility, and the impacts on the surrounding environment and building architecture due to perimeter security, hardening, and standoff requirements. Understanding the impact site security has on the overall security of the building is important as well.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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September 20, 2017