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Understanding Psychrometrics

The author begins the book with a chapter on vocabulary and one on etymology setting the stage so that readers and students will be on the same page. This book is not only a science book, but also a history book (see Chapter 8 as an example). Some chapters are as short as three pages (such as Chapter 18, Water Vapour Pressure) and some are as long as 24 pages (such as Chapter 19, Psychrometrics Processes). This textbook is practical but also daunting. The author explains the importance of the subject and breaks it down into parts that lead the reader/student logically along. There are small clock face icons that indicate a 4- to 6-hour learning session.

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The text includes a CD containing executable file hw.exe, PDF files of the 25 ASHRAE I-P and SI psychrometric chart, and more. See page XV of the preface.
Understanding Psychrometrics
Donald P. Gatley
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September 1, 2005