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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Manuals

Manual J (8th Edition) – Residential Load Calculation is the national ANSI-recognized standard for producing HVAC equipment sizing loads for single-family detached homes, small multiunit structures, condominiums, town houses, and manufactured homes.

Manual B – Balancing and Testing Air and Hydronic Systems is designed to help technicians test and balance HVAC equipment in a way that improves the balancing process.

Manual D® Residential Duct Systems is the ANSI-recognized national standard for residential HVAC duct design.

Manual T – Air Distribution Basics shows how to prevent drafts and stagnant air problems caused by improper sizing or incorrect equipment selection. It gives examples of how to use manufacturers’ comprehensive performance data, calculate pressure losses, and control noise.

Manual RS Comfort, Air Quality, and Efficiency by Design takes contractors through the design stage to the completion of a successful residential heating and cooling system installation.

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