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Building Science Fundamentals

This online course is a basic building science course presented in a way that is easy to watch and listen to by professors with years of teaching experience in civil engineering at the University of Toronto.  From the course listing: “This online course package consists of a set of 7 modules. These modules support the teaching of an introductory course in Building Science for College and University-level students studying Architecture or Engineering. Basic principles and applications of building science including the control of heat, moisture, air movement and solar energy are presented. These modules are intended to supplement existing lecture-based course materials. However, given that the course package is comprehensive, the modules could also be used as a substitute for traditional lectures.” Whether used as supplements or as a substitute for lectures, instructors are encouraged to support these online materials with hands-on tutorials and laboratory activities.

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To provide feedback for the self-guided learner, a series of knowledge checks have been provided throughout.
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September 23, 2019