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How to Become Recognized

The Department of Energy recognizes training and certification programs that are aligned with Building Science Education training topics. If your organization provides training and / or a credential related to the job types and at the competencies listed below, you can submit for recognition through the following steps:


  1. Review the relevant materials on the Building Science Education website and the Key Concept Knowledge Areas for each job type - see the program listed below under "Program Eligible for Recognition."
  2. Download the relevant Scoring Tool file. This excel file contains required and optional competencies that are used to determine whether a program includes the proper concepts. Review the Key Concept Knowledge Areas and compare with your program offering.
  3. Score your program using the scoring tool by following the instructions provided in the excel file. You will be asked to provide documentation of the supporting material. 
  4. Prepare your submission. Gather the materials that support your self-scoring, which could include: the syllabus, examination outline, learning objectives, course outlines, certification requirements, or anything else that is relevant to your program’s offerings.
  5. Submit the BSE Recognition Form, along with your self-score and supporting materials by emailing



Once your request is received, you may be contacted for additional content from your program that DOE can review, confirm alignment, and ask follow-up questions. If your program aligns with the Key Concepts, your program will be recognized. If not, DOE will make recommendations to improve alignment and encourage you to resubmit when the appropriate changes have been made.

programs eligible for recognition

Heat Pump Programs

Heat Pump Water Heater Programs

Energy Assessment Programs

Residential Envelope Programs (Under Development)