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Preventative Maintenance - Problem Set 1.2

  1. Match the terms with the correct definition.
Definition Key Term
1) ____ Appropriately licensed person or persons responsible for maintaining the HVAC equipment. a) Access
2) ____ The visual examination and/or taking of appropriate measurements so as to assess a component’s physical condition and/or performance of its intended function. b) Air Distribution System
3) ____ Condition of being safe; freedom from danger or hazard. c) Air Filter
4) ____ Engage the operation of a system or a component and compare the results to the manufacturer’s specifications or an approved standard. d) Air Terminal Unit
5) ____ A valve, orifice, or small fixed diameter tubing that meters liquid refrigerant into the evaporator. e) Ceiling Plenum
6) ____ The network of plenums, ducts, fittings, grilles, and registers which move air from the house to the HVAC system and then deliver the conditioned air to the house. f) Containment
7) ____ A work item indicated by an inspection or maintenance task or as determined to be required on a routine basis by the maintenance plan. g) Damper
8) ____ The process of identifying existing or potential faults, coordinating the allocation of resources to correct the faults, and then applying corrective or remedial measures.  h) Duct
9) ____ A program which, at regularly scheduled intervals, will systematically inspect, test, measure, and preserve an HVAC system. i) Duct System
10) ____ A work item, requiring a minimum of tools to adjust components and restore expendable materials (such as fluids and filters) to their agree upon condition. j) HEPA Filter
11) ____ That which enables a device, appliance, or equipment to be reached by ready access, or by a means that first requires the removal or movement of a panel, door, or similar obstruction. k) HVAC System
12) ____ High efficiency particulate air filter that removes 99.97% of particles passing through it sized at 0.3 micrometers (i.e., microns). l) Inspect
13) ____ Practices used to minimize cross contamination from affected to unaffected areas caused by airflow, occupant movement, and material handling. m) Maintenance
14) ____ Cleaning efforts to significantly improve the cleanliness of an air conditioning system; not necessarily to return it to its “as new” condition, and does not include the mechanical repair, or repairs to the HVAC system. n) Maintenance Contractors
15) ____ An appliance receiving, conditioning, and delivering air supplied through an HVAC system. o) Maintenance Program
16) ____ To repair, or to make fit for use, HVAC systems that are not functioning properly. p) Maintenance Task
17) ____ A manually or automatically controlled device to regulate draft or the rate of flow of air or combustion gases. q) Metering Device
18) ____ An assembly of connected ducts, plenums, fittings, registers and grilles through which air from a space, or spaces, to be heated or cooled is conducted back to the supply unit. r) Restoration
19) ____ A device used to reduce the concentration of, or remove particles from, air moving through HVAC systems. s) Return Air
20) ____ Air removed from a conditioned space or location and re-circulated. t) Return Air System
21) ____ A designed conduit used for conveying air. u) Safety
22) ____ A continuous passageway for the transmission of air that, in addition to ducts, includes duct fittings, dampers, and plenums. v) Service
23) ____ An enclosed portion of the building structure, other than an occupied space being conditioned, that facilitates air movement and thereby serves as a part of the air distribution system. w) Service Task
24) ____ Any designed system of ducts, plenums and air-handling equipment that circulates air within a space and includes systems made up of one or more air-handling units. x) Test