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HVAC Systems

Proficiency Level 1: Remember

List the various types of heating and cooling systems 

Remember types of efficiency ratings for HVAC Systems

Proficiency Level 2: Understand

Describe a balanced HVAC System.

Understand the effects of HVAC system sizing

Proficiency Level 3: Apply

Explain how pressure imbalances can increase air infiltration and exfiltration through the building shell


Author: ASHRAE
Organization: ASHRAE
The 2017 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals covers basic principles and data used in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. It covers basic principles such as thermodynamics, psychrometrics, and heat transfer, providing practical guidance on building envelope, indoor environmental quality, load...
Author: Armin Rudd
This very practical guide explains why ventilation is so important, how ventilation should be integrated into a house, and includes a description of ways to ventilate and how to determine the best system for a particular house. It addresses the importance of proper controls of ventilation systems....


Manual J (8th Edition) – Residential Load Calculation is the national ANSI-recognized standard for producing HVAC equipment sizing loads for single-family detached homes, small multiunit structures, condominiums, town houses, and manufactured homes. Manual B – Balancing and Testing Air and Hydronic...