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Disaster Resistance and Resiliency

Proficiency Level 1: Remember

List the four fundamental principles of resistance for all-hazard building design.

List the three key features of resilience in infrastructures.


Author: Mark Bomberg and Tomasz Kisilewicz
This a basic text on heat, air flow, and moisture based on years of research, teaching, and writing on these issues. It includes chapters on the durability of materials, materials in environmental control, and hygrothermal insulations. The hardcover version is Methods of Building Physics by Bomberg...
Author: Joseph Lstiburek
This relatively small guide addresses one of the most important issues in buildings—controlling rain and ground water. The prose is succinct and to the point. The graphics are outstanding. The guide is divided into five sections: Principles, Window Installation, Risk Factors (including an Average...


The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), under guidance from the past Federal Envelope Advisory Committee, developed this comprehensive guide for exterior envelope design and construction for institutional/office buildings. The publication list for each topic raises the level of...